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Hello everybody !

Well, turns out I am making a shmup.

I thought about the idea a long time ago but didn't act on it until I picked up Unity3D in December 2016. I already tried one of the tutorials a few years ago but didn't do much beyond it.

So, I've been working on something during my free time, learning things about the engine's intricacies, trying my hand at 3D modelling, and I put together something.

Anyway, enough introductions !

The game is a 16:9 hori with a caravan-style scoring : kill waves faster to spawn the following ones. It is inspired by some of my favorite shmups : Radirgy, Dangun Feveron and Thunder Dragon 2 in particular but there are some other influences.

The scoring system in entirely focused on moving all over the place speedkilling and destroying as many enemy waves as possible. For each wave, a time bonus is given to you depending on your performance. On top of that, each wave has a frame threshold that has two effects if you clear the wave under it. Not only does it increases the wave bonus, it also changes the next wave to be a slightly tougher variant. It's like a very basic rank system.

As for bosses, they also have a time bonus.

The weapons follow the Radirgy system, more or less: There's a main forward shot which is narrow on purpose to make you move a lot, a powerful close-range sword, and a rechargeable circular bomb that surrounds you just like Radirgy's ABSNet except it does more damage to enemies. The bomb is recharged by getting autocollected items from defeated enemies and they drop more items the faster they are killed, like Dangun's discomen. One big difference from Radirgy's system is that the bomb can only be recharged when not active, so having a bomb ready when the previous one hasn't worn off yet is impossible. Oh, and there's no shield if you stop firing.

All of the weapons are available from the very beginning without any need for power-ups.

In short, here's what I am aiming for :

-Fast movement

-Focus on quick dispatching of enemies

-Bombing is rewarded and useful

-No boss milking whatsoever

As of writing, the currently available demo is the fifth one. I already put various versions of the demo on forums and stuff but haven't published them on yet.


GunFencer Demo 5 [Windows].zip 67 MB
Apr 13, 2018
GunFencer Demo 5 [Linux].zip 70 MB
Apr 13, 2018
GunFencer Demo 5 [Mac].zip 70 MB
Apr 13, 2018

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