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Remote Weapon GunFencer is a fast-paced horizontal shoot'em up currently in development. In this game, you take control of a humanoid mecha armed with a machine gun, a force field, and a powerful sword.

Wave after wave of colorful drones stand in the way between you and victory. Destroying them as fast as you can with your powerful weapons is the key to get the best scores!

    Default controls

Arrow Keys : Move
Z / W : Fire (in game) / Confirm (in menus)
X : Sword (in game) / Cancel (in menus)
C : Bomb (in game)
Spacebar/Escape : Pause (in game)

Game mechanics

The GunFencer is a mecha with three weapons :

  • The machine gun is a standard forward shot with long range and average power.
  • The sword is a very powerful close-range weapon, but using it requires to take more risks.
  • The bomb is a rechargeable force field that surrounds the GunFencer, and gives it temporary invincibility. It can also be used to inflict moderate damage on enemies. The cake slices dropped by defeated enemies will recharge it after each use.

Each stage pits you against waves of enemies. A points bonus is granted after each wave depending on your destruction speed, and the next wave is spawned as soon as the previous one is cleared. As a result, destroying the waves in a quick fashion is the secret to improve your scores. The bosses at the end of each stage also reward you for swiftly defeating them.


The year is 2019. Due to technological progress in the field of robotics, intelligent drones have been deployed in many public locations to ensure the citizens' safety. These are named "AFS", short for "Autonomous Flying System" and are produced by Mecha Corp Ltd., one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the field of engineering.

The population's reception to those new forms of surveillance has been surprisingly warm, though this blind trust is soon to be broken.

On the 17th of August 2019, a group of activists who call themselves "WaveRiders" and who fight against the introduction of drones in public spaces becomes the center of attention as the WaveRiders decide to hijack drones to show how much of a threat those machines can really be. As a result, the hijacked AFS are going haywire.

Our main heroine is Emily Reed, a student who attends engineering classes at university and who built her own little remote-controlled mecha in her spare time. Emily lives very near the hijacking spot and with the police finding it difficult to deal with the gravity of the situation, she is the best chance to put an end to this crisis!


GunFencer Demo 7 [Windows 32bit].zip 58 MB
GunFencer Demo 7 [Windows 64bit].zip 60 MB
GunFencer Demo 7 [Linux].zip 76 MB
GunFencer Demo 7 [Mac].zip 74 MB

Development log


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